60" Dark Plum Agate Beaded Necklace with Rainbow Coated Crystal Beads

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This is a stunning, dark, rich colored plum agate necklace which I have accented with rainbow metallic coated crystal & amber/brown ab coated crystal beads.

This necklace is approx. 60" in length, and is strung on strong 14lb strength firewire.  It is a wraparound style, and has been double knotted back on each side for added strength and durability. The dark plum colored agate beads are a faceted 8mm bead, as are the rainbow metallic crystals.  The other smaller crystal is 6mm in size.  Each bead is separated by a plum/rainbow colored seed bead.

This is a very versatile necklace which can be worn in a variety of different ways.  It can be worn as a double or a triple strand necklace.  Great to wear with sweaters, blouses, or just your favorite t-shirt.

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